Nick Girard – Tenor and all round Mr A Cappella. Star of Overboard and the House Jacks, arranger for the Sing Off, judge on The Choir!

Michael Welton – Founder member, baritone and the proud owner of the world’s biggest eyebrows.

Callum McIntosh – Baritone and proud Scot from Montrose. Energetic stage performances sponsored by Red Bull.

Duncan Sandilands – Bass, gymnastics coach and life-guard. He’s like a walking cover of Men’s Health.

Ballzee – aka Patrick Hirst. Three times UK champion beatboxer. Nuff said.

Nic Doodson – Founder member and tenor. The brains and bean counter behind The Magnets.

Michael Conway – Tenor and cheeky Welshman. Ex-Jersey Boy with a voice that makes even grown men swoon.